Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura is an ancient camera that has the ability to attack and capture the angry spirits by photographing them. It can also show things that cannot be seen by the naked eye and provide clues to find objects that have been spirited away.

In this game, your Wii U™ GamePad controller becomes your Camera Obscura.



Fend off hostile spirits

Fight spirits by capturing them in the viewfinder and photographing them.

You can upgrade your lenses and film as you go to help make your Camera Obscura more powerful.

Stay Dry:

While searching Mt. Hikami, characters will become increasingly wet due to the rain, water, and contact with certain spirits. It's rumored that this can weaken the character, and increase the amount of damage caused by hostile spirits. It's also said that one is more likely to encounter spirits in this state...


Fatal Frame:

You can do maximum damage to a hostile spirit with Fatal Frame, which means taking a photograph when the spirit is just about to attack. After that, photographs can be taken in rapid succession during "Fatal Time."

Spirit Fragments:

When an angry spirit is photographed, they break off into multiple pieces. Inflict more damage by turning the GamePad and taking pictures that include these Spirit Fragments.