Yuri Kozukata

Yuri is a girl who can use Shadow Reading. Her ability to see the deceased as well as people's memories and thoughts is the result of a past incident. Because of this ability, she is often misunderstood. She lives with Hisoka Kurosawa, who owns Kurosawa Antiques. Hisoka understands Yuri and is helping her with her unique ability.


Ren Hojo

A writer who is known for creating fictional stories based on real-life events. His latest interest is researching the cultural phenomenon of Postmortem Photography around Mt. Hikami. Curious to learn more, Ren ends up heading to Mt. Hikami after seeing Hisoka's album of Postmortem Photographs.


Miu Hinasaki

Ever since Miu's mother went missing when she was young, she has been looking for her. While living with her foster mother, Miu felt very isolated due to her unusual ability to see other people’s thoughts. She decides to go to Mt. Hikami after hearing rumors that her mother was seen there.


Hisoka Kurosawa

The owner of Kurosawa Antiques, Hisoka has a Camera Obscura that was left to her by an elderly woman upon her death. She manages the shop while also searching for objects that have disappeared, but she is reluctant to take on requests to find individuals who have been spirited away.



Rui Kagamiya

Ren's assistant. Rui lives in Ren's house and got the job based on a publishing company's recommendation. According to Ren, Rui "just appeared in my house one day." Rui is skilled at organization and documentation (which Ren struggles with).



Miku Hinasaki

Miu Hinasaki’s mother, Miku has been a character in several Fatal Frame games. Miku has always had the ability to see ghosts and has seen unthinkable things throughout her life. She seems to have disappeared on Mt. Hikami.


Haruka Momose

A shy and thoughtful girl who is easily influenced by others’ opinions. She goes to the same school as Fuyuhi, and she used to visit Hisoka's café for fortune telling.


Fuyuhi Himino

A girl who has approaches Hisoka for help finding her missing friend, Haruka Momose. Rather than waiting for Hisoka to decide whether to help, Fuyuhi heads to Mt. Hikami on her own to search for Haruka.



A girl who appears at the Shrine of Dolls on Mt. Hikami. She speaks in a strange and mysterious manner, almost as if she can read people's minds.