Search Mt. Hikami

Mt. Hikami is known as the "Mountain of Death." To track down the people and objects that have gone missing there, you must explore using only the beam of light produced by your flashlight. Can you uncover the horrifying secrets at the heart of Mt. Hikami?



Shadow Reading

Shadow Reading is a special ability that can only be used on Mt. Hikami and the surrounding area. Shadow Reading is used to follow a "Trace" or white shadow that appears when coming into contact with Tokens left behind by people and objects that have been spirited away. Unravel the mystery of those who have vanished by following these Traces.

It is said that the stronger the emotions attached to these objects, the more clearly you will be able to read them.



When you come into contact with spirits, you may witness the horror of how the spirits originally died.

Ghost Hand

A cold hand may grab you as you reach out...

Ghosthand scene



The Camera Obscura will vibrate and make sounds in certain locations. When this happens, activate Photo Mode by holding up the Wii U GamePad controller and pressing X.

Psychic PhotographsBy taking a photo of an object that can no longer be seen, you will be able to materialize it into a tangible object.

Phantom ExposéBy aligning the angle of the camera with an object and photographing it, you can reveal a hidden item or place.